We’re a brand new green screen studio in Stockholm

Hi and welcome to our dream. We are today open for bookings of the green screen studio. We will strive to be THE home for brands, filmmakers, production companies and ad agencies with a lot of heart, great vibes, and an awesome production facility.

The 8×10 cyclorama comes with a fully motorized truss that’s 10×10 meters and makes it easy for you to rig the way you want. Since we want you to focus on lighting the important parts(and fun parts) we installed 3200k lights that lights the cyclorama. No more tuning in the perfect green for every shoot.

We have plenty of power to go around with both 32a and 16a. If you’re about to do something that needs even more power we’re able to handle that to from next door.

The passionate people behind this studio is:

Richard Frantzén – Longtime filmmaker and photographer

Emma Nors – Entrepreneur and creative director

Kalle Barfeld – Entrepreneur