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The pandemic limits the ability to travel and gather large numbers of people such as audiences or even big production teams. But necessity is the mother of inventions and the national Swedish TV-Show Postkodlotteriet with around 700 000 viewers have taken the step into Virtual Production. Here is 5 reasons why:

Firstly, what is Virtual Production? In short, it’s a top modern concept for any kind of brand to be more engaging by moving your event into fantastic digital 3D worlds in real-time. Virtual production offers many possibilities such as video calls, viewer interactions and more, and are a sensible alternative to traditional physical events, wether we have a pandemic or not.

I had a chat with Lisa Idering at Warner Bros. Sweden about the benefits of Virtual Production during her third Virtual Production at Virtual Star Studios.

1. A think-outside-the-box alternative

Lisa explains that when nothing else worked, she found Virtual Production. “Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m working as a producer for Warner Bros in Sweden. Today we are making a show called Grannyran. It’s popular, we have around 700 000 viewers each time. During these times, during the pandemic, we didn’t have so many options.

Normally we shoot this show outside, and it’s a big event. So we tried another studio inside, but it was a bit boring.So we heard about this place, and we tried it out. And it was something new, something exciting, something outside the box.”

The show’s earlier outdoor events before switching to Virtual Production.

2. Modern, fun and colorful

Having tried Virtual Production several times, Lisa sees many benefits; “But now when we tried to shoot in this virtual studio, I think it’s something new for the viewers because it’s more modern, it’s more fun, it’s more colorful, everything is more sharp in a way.”

Modern, fun and Colorful.

3. Virtual Production has edge to it

Since Postkodlotteriet don’t hide that they’re in a virtual set, Lisa explains that it’s a look that stands out from traditional productions. “And we’re really quite transparent with that we are in a virtual studio, so we don’t try to make it look totally normal. So that makes it more edgy in a way.”

  • Recording in Virtual Production
  • Richard Sjöberg in a Video Call

A show or event in Virtual Production differs from traditional productions in many ways.

4. The sky is the limit

“To shoot in virtual production, I think that there is no limits, the sky is the limit. You can do whatever you want and that is so fun! For me to shoot here to make this show, I’m really happy to have found this place because otherwise it wouldn’t have been an as good product in the end as we used to have when we were outside. I think it’s actually quite good, It’s even better.”

Sweden’s Eurovision Song Contest combatant Tusse sang his song “Voices” on the show.

5. A brand new concept

“It’s something else, so we don’t have to compare it to another kind of show. I’ve never heard about a show in Sweden that have done this, only in the States. So we are first.” -Says Lisa with a content smile.

Did you know? Disney’s latest blockbuster show The Mandalorian was partly filmed using 3D environments created in Unreal Engine, the same graphics engine we use at Virtual Star Studios to create stunning worlds and environments for our client’s events and shows in Virtual Production.

Do you think Virtual Production is the future? Leave a comment!

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