Premiere for Folly by Hugo Lilja

Often when you do green screen work it’s hard to get all the crew on the same vision of what you’re trying to create. Being able to see the 3D world in real time is a great help for everyone on set. Especially for aligning eyelines and lighting to camera angles.

Hugo had together with his talented director of photography Benjam Orre come up with a pretty complicated setup. By being able to see the 3D world was a great help to them.

As usual we used Aximmetry to run the show and Unreal for real-time rendering.

We also managed to pre-viz with a headmounted Blackmagic 6k camera on a super-wide angle lens.

Bruto Studio is handling the post 3D work including tracking. When time of shooting recording tracking data wasn’t possible that’s why the set is populated by tracking markers. Nowadays we can also record the actual tracking data to be used in post-production.

If you want to watch the film it has premiere 30 january here: (only available in Sweden)

For most of the shots they used a Technocrane which in itself can deliver positional data but for ease of use we used the Vive Tracker. Which worked flawless in this situation. Especially for changing cameras and lenses quick.

It’s been a great honor having the team here and be sure to go watch the film at when it’s streaming the 30 of january for 24 hours. (only available in Sweden)

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