Unleashing the Power of Virtual Production: A Game-Changer for Event Content Creation

One groundbreaking technique that has revolutionized the industry is virtual production. In this blog post, we delve into the experience of Fredrik Manuel Persson, a producer at the renowned agency Maison FMP, as he shares his insights on using virtual production to create compelling event content for their client, Husqvarna.

Unleashing the Potential of Virtual Production:

Fredrik Manuel Persson and his team embarked on a journey to produce an event that would enthrall both the press and business-to-business audience of Husqvarna, a versatile manufacturer of products ranging from chainsaws to headphones. With limited prior experience in this type of production, they turned to Virtual Star, a pioneering virtual production technology, to unlock the immense potential of their project.

Embracing a Global Look:

To ensure a global appeal for Husqvarna’s event, Fredrik aimed to strike a balance between the brand’s Swedish origin and a universal theme that would resonate across diverse markets. Avoiding literal representations of Swedish landscapes, they set out to incorporate various material textures and immersive worlds relevant to their target audience. The team selected Husqvarna’s main brand colors, complemented by greenery, and crafted a modern silhouette to create an intriguing visual backdrop that showcased the essence of the brand’s universe.

Finding the Perfect Partnership:

Fredrik sought a partner who not only possessed the necessary expertise but also had a youthful spirit and flexibility in their approach. While reviewing previous works, he discovered a potential collaboration with Virtual Star. During the subsequent meetings, it became evident that the partnership aligned perfectly with their vision and received unanimous approval from both the team and the client.

Embracing the Advantages of Virtual Production:

Compared to traditional live events or CGI-based productions, Fredrik discovered that virtual production offered several distinct advantages. By recording the event live on tape, the team experienced enhanced safety, increased creative flexibility, and a smoother learning curve for both the production crew and the guests. This approach allowed them to create an authentic world that embodied the core values of the Husqvarna brand without compromising on visual aesthetics.

Streamlining the Creative Process:

The integration of Virtual Star into their workflow proved to be seamless and efficient. The virtual treatments and visual storyboards provided by the technology helped Fredrik and his team visualize their ideas accurately. The reduced need for extensive revisions and back-and-forth communication translated into a smoother creative process, leaving Fredrik feeling confident and satisfied with the end result.

Paving the Way for Future Events:

Having successfully executed the virtual production for Husqvarna, Fredrik envisions a future where this technique becomes a textbook example for other clients looking to venture into similar event formats. The experience not only deepened their understanding of Husqvarna’s products but also dispelled the misconception that virtual production is an arduous and time-consuming process. By showcasing the finished work to clients and demonstrating its effectiveness with a renowned brand like Husqvarna, Fredrik believes that more companies will embrace this approach, transforming their classic press events into dynamic and captivating experiences.


Fredrik Manuel Persson’s journey with virtual production illustrates the immense potential of this groundbreaking technique in event content creation. By leveraging Virtual Star’s capabilities, the Maison FMP team successfully crafted a visually captivating and authentic event that resonated with Husqvarna’s global audience. As virtual production continues to evolve and gain momentum, it presents a game-changing opportunity for event producers and offers an exciting avenue for showcasing innovative products to the world.

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